Quarter 4 Performance Assessment

The Quarter 4 Performance Assessment information was distributed to all classes on Monday, May 21st.  Intermediate classes will perform the traditional playing test to which they’re accustomed.  Details for each class can be viewed below.  Advanced classes will participate in a chamber music project.  Advanced Band will also have a scale component in which all students will perform the Concert A-flat Major scale as written on their major scale sheets at a tempo of quarter note = 90 bpm.  The rubric for the performance of this scale is the normal rubric used for traditional playing tests and can be viewed below.  Advanced Orchestra does not have a scale component associated with this test.   The following documents are all the pertinent materials for this test:

Class details: Int. Band     Int. Orch.     Chamber music project

Grading rubrics: Selections        Scales        Chamber music performance rubric

Selections for percussionists (Int. Band only)