Corps at the Crest Info

For the students and families who purchased group tickets for Corps at the Crest on Friday, June 29th, please see the information below:

Operational Items
* I will distribute tickets in a sort of will call style from 5:00 to 5:20 PM outside of the main gate to the stadium
* Gates open at 4:30 PM, the show starts at 5:30 PM, and you can click here to view the performance schedule
* Even though we are at a football stadium, this is a musical performance, and appropriate audience etiquette would be similar to that of a movie theater (minimal quiet talking, no phones, no extraneous/distracting noises, etc.)
* The first seven groups are in DCI’s “Open Class” division, and notable groups in this class include Golden Empire and Gold
* After intermission, the final five performers are all in DCI’s “World Class” division, and all of these groups are outstanding.  The Blue Knights and Santa Clara Vanguard are both 2017 DCI Finalist groups, with SCV finishing second overall last year.  Regardless, each and every World Class corps is sure to impress you.
* If absolutely necessary, I can be reached at the emergency phone number I use for school trips, which is (619) 839-9490.  Please use text messages that include your name – talking on the phone during performances is considered rude

Tips and Recommendations
* MMS alumni and current SRHS marchers Varun Bhajekar and Sergio Chavez are members of the host corps for the show, Pacific Crest!  Be sure to be in your seats and shouting your support during their performance that begins at 8:26 PM!
* Stadium seats or some sort of seat padding is highly recommended (4+ hours sitting on concrete is not particularly comfortable)
* Bring a jacket or sweatshirt just in case.  You’d be surprised at how windy and/or chilly it can get at night in early summer here in San Diego County.  Worst case scenario is that you don’t end up needing it and it turns into extra seat padding!
BRING CASH!  If you or your student want to purchase a memento from their favorite corps at the show, most of the corps merch tents have credit/debit card readers.  However, not all of them do, and the concessions stand is cash only.
* Some of the groups in Open Class are smaller, younger, or less-experienced groups, so please show your respectful support or take those times to stretch your legs, use the restroom, or grab some food.  You’ll want to get all of that done before the World Class corps perform anyway because those groups are the “main event” of the show.
* Don’t forget about Pacific Crest’s recent advisory regarding parking that I sent in my earlier email.  In case you missed it, here’s the full text of the advisory:

Due to late-scheduled gas line repairs at the site, the typical spectator parking lot will be used for corps parking.  Spectators will be directed to the back of the school and will be parked on the practice fields. (This is similar to how spectators are parked for El Camino High’s Field Show Tournament in the fall.)  We strongly urge you to arrive early to allow adequate time for parking and the walk to the stadium. If you plan to meet others at the show, you might consider meeting off site and carpooling.

As usual, there is parking available in the neighborhood, primarily on Via Rancho.  Please be advised that the corps’ brass and drum lines will be warming up off site.  Thank you for supporting the drum corps activity with your ticket purchase. We appreciate your patience and flexibility this year.


Early Summer Update

MIRA MESA SUMMER STRING CAMP: All details and information are finally posted, and registrations are being accepted!  Visit the Summer Music Activities page for the link to the camp’s website.

FUTURE MARCHERS: I want to encourage all 8th graders/incoming freshmen to SRHS who are enrolling in marching band to view the section leadership on the advanced class pages.  It might be a good idea to start corresponding with a senior from your section now to begin cultivating a relationship with them.  An email with some questions is a good way to start!

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