Adv. Band/Orch. Details for Lewis MS Festival

The details for the Lewis Middle School Band and Orchestra Festival on Saturday, April 6th have been finalized, and here they are:

Transportation: Students and families will be responsible for their own transportation.  Ordering busses adds unnecessary cost and inconvenience when many families will travel down to the festival to see the performance anyway.

Call time: 8:30 AM
Warm-up time: 9:00 AM
Performance time: 9:45 AM

Call time: 10:00 AM
Warm-up time: 10:30 AM
Performance time: 11:15 AM

Students will perform, receive an onstage clinic from one of the adjudicators, and will be dismissed immediately following the clinic.  All concert policies and expectations apply.


Mar. 18 – 22, 2019

PRACTICE RECORDS: There is no practice record due for Friday, March 22nd! Thank you for the hard work you have all put into festival season so far! You may optionally start recording practice minutes for your April 5th practice record on Friday, March 29th if you so choose.

SPRING BREAK: SDUSD’S traditional calendar schools will be closed for Spring Break between March 25 and 29th! I hope everyone enjoys a fun and relaxing break from the school year!

THIS WEEK: Classes will look fairly normal this week as we approach Spring Break. Advanced classes have two weeks left in their festival season, culminating in our performances at the Lewis Middle School festival on Saturday, April 6th. Intermediate classes will complete their festival season when they perform at the Forum Festival on Friday, April 12th prior to celebrating the season at Knott’s Berry Farm. The reward for working hard during class and finishing each day’s agenda quickly will be the opportunity to sight-read potential pops repertoire selections at the end of rehearsal over these next few weeks!

SRHS MUSIC FUNDRAISER TUESDAY NIGHT: The SRHS Music Department is having a restaurant fundraiser at Flippin’ Pizza on Tuesday night!  No flyer necessary…just mention SRHS Music between 5:00 and 9:00 PM.  See the flyer for further details.

SCRIPPS RANCH AREA CONCERT: Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra will be performing at the annual Scripps Ranch Area Concert on the evening of Monday, March 18th in the Scripps Ranch High School gymnasium!  Advanced Orchestra’s call time is 5:30 PM with a concert start time of 6:00 PM.  Advanced Band’s call time is 7:00 PM with a concert start time of 7:30 PM.  Both concerts are expected to last approximately one hour.  Please report to the SRHS choir room for your call time.  All concert procedures and expectations apply.  I can’t wait to show off our hard-working musicians to our community!

ALL-COUNTY HONOR ORCHESTRA: The information for the 6th annual CMEA-SBS All-County Middle School Honor Orchestra was just released last week!  You can audition by sending in recordings, or you can do a traditional live audition.  Applications are due Monday, April 15th.  See the CMEA-SBS website for more details and to download audition materials.

CHAMBER MUSIC: All chamber rehearsals will take place as normal this week. As you prepare for the Chamber Music Showcase at MMS Open House on May 22nd, be sure that you have around 8 – 10 total minutes of music regardless of how many pieces make up that number of minutes. If you don’t have that yet, start scoping out repertoire that’ll help you reach that goal. It does not have to be super-complicated music!  Some pops selections would also be perfectly fine, but not an entire pops repertoire for your chamber group, please.

SSC: SSC will meet as normal this week.

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